How To Connect


If you want the most authentic experience, then use the stock client as-is.  It is a text based user interface 

that does pretty much everything a graphical user interface can. We will discuss some popular clients with

GUI's below, but first, the stock client on Bunker BBS is selected through a custom loader as soon as you 

enter the door game. 

 Once in, familiarize yourself with the commands at first by typing "info".

 From there you will have everything you need to get started. 


Some players prefer a graphical user interface to play Empire.  Although there have been several

clients made for Empire over the years, there are basically two main clients that are still supported

today.  The two main clients used today are WinACE and PTkEI2, with WinACE arguably being

the most popular. WinACE, currently maintained by Ron Koenderink, is a client with a very nice

GUI, and a whole bunch of advanced options.  It's just a really good client, plain and simple. 

You can download WinACE from their SourceForge site at:

 Download WinACE 


When you open up WinAce, select 'New Game':


Fill in the information as follows (enter the Country Name, Password, and User that was given

to you upon registration - you can change them later):

Now you can select in in the future from your "Most Recently Played Games".

Click on 'Connect' and enter the game! 

PTkEI2 is another popular client with a snazzy look, and some nice tools. You can download

PTkEI2 from their SourceForge site here: 

Download PTkEI2 



So, there you go! You're all set.  Find the one that works for you, and start playing!  To find a list of servers to connect to, and to learn about your fist steps, read the article "How to get started, an update".